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Albato Embedded — build
client-facing integrations
without coding

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Integration development is expensive and time-consuming. Albato Embedded is a low-code easy way for teams to focus on the core product leaving integration building to us. You just choose the apps, and we cover the rest. And then you have client-facing integrations live within your product.

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Design integrations using an easy-to-understand workflow constructor with flexible technology to support complex integrations. Just a few steps and your user gains access to our growing library of connectors. Create integrations yourself without coding using our user-friendly Albato builder. A few minutes and a new integration is up and running on your product. 

Make your users happy with just a few clicks of a button


We map and create scenarios for your integrations

Create entities

Transfer data

Verify duplicated data

Filter data

Substitute data

Format data on transfer

Work with customized final user’s compilations

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Save time and money, stay focused on your main product or service

Customer support of your users by our specialists

Development of integrations at your request

Integration & development provided by Albato 

Instant connection of 200+ ready-made integrations

Flexibility and data security of all integrations

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Albato Embedded Case
White Label via API

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